Spanish Ministry of Industry Supports .Ozone Drive as Strategic Project for the National Tourism Plan

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has recently announced its decision to back .Ozone Drive as a strategic project for its National Integral Tourism Plan.

.Ozone Drive is an innovative  and ambititous startup that offers attractive electromobility services targeted to the millions of high-purchasing-power, technology-driven tourists that visit the Balearic Islands every year. In this sense, .Ozone Drive is perfectly aligned with the objectives of the Plan, which aims: to boost touristic activity in Spain and its profitabilty; to improve the international position of the Spanish touristic offer; and to attract awareness towards the Spain brand, among other goals.

Moreover, the Plan underscores the importance of combining innovative business models, with state-of-the-art technology, in order to further the competitve edge of the Spanish touristic offer.

Finally, the Plan emphasizes the need to support business that can guarantee its long term competitiveness by means of operating over the three cornerstones of sustainability: economy, society and environment. 

.Ozone Drive has the unique value proposition of offering for the first time complete mobility solutions through which tourists can conveniently drive zero-emission vehicles, all day long without any limitations, and go back to their hotel, charge their vehicles and wake up to a fully charged battery.  In this way, .Ozone Drive places itself  at the forefront of a new kind of touristic services that is bound to maintain the Spanish leadership in this sector.

Thanks to all its innovative characteristics, the Ministry has already commited financial resources within the Emprendetur Program, in order to support .Ozone Drive’s operations in the Balearic Islands.


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